Welcome to your one-stop, full service Washington and Idaho distributor of craft beer, cider, fine wine, and specialty spirits. We are a multi-family owned operation dedicated to providing first-class service to our customers.

We are proud to offer you a balanced portfolio of quality products from around the world. Our products include rare and limited-release offerings as well as items that have proven, broad appeal and high consumer demand and volume. Within our multiple warehouses you will find thousands of items.

Our beer portfolio is considered one of the best in the United States. In fact, Click was named the 2008 National Craft Beer Distributor of the Year by the Brewers Association and the National Beer Wholesalers Association. We carry unique domestic beers from craft brewers throughout the country. We offer an international selection of beers from some of the finest breweries in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Scotland, India and other countries.

We also offer a large selection of ciders, sake, and mead. The cider category is exploding with sales and driving growth for both restaurants and retail stores. Many of these products are produced from fruit which is sustainably farmed or organically grown. We embrace natural, wholesome offerings and high-quality. Our Mead selection ranges from Blackberry and Raspberry in Washington to White Fig, Chili, and Coffee meads from South Africa.

Our wine portfolio ranges from value priced to highly rated specialty products from around the world. Over the years, we have assembled a very diverse portfolio that follows the changing needs of our customers. An area of focus has been supporting our restaurant customers from front door to back of the house. Our goal is to provide wines of unique and interesting character to promote excitement to the consumer.

Our spirits collection satisfies your well assortment along with a complete range of back-bar offerings. We are pleased to represent producers from Washington, Idaho, and Oregon- home to many high-quality distilleries. We also offer a broad array of unique items such as Kammer Williams “Pear in The Bottle”, Stroh 80 Rum, Schladerer Eau de Vies, and Rose Geranium Liqueur.