We are proud to be on the forefront of the transportation industry and moving solidly towards sustainable fuel alternatives. Our philosophy, actions and investment in “green” transportation energy are being recognized on a national and state level. Our goal is inspire other businesses to make energy conversions with the health of the planet in mind.


2015 “Best Performance by a Small Private Fleet” Award from Clean Cities

Western-WA-clean-cities-award-Click-DistributingClick is a small fleet taking big actions to make its operations sustainable, AND profitable. In 2014 they continued their aggressive push towards adopting compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles, rolling out an additional six trucks. They have also turned their attention to their diesel fleet: initially adopting B5 and ramping up to a B20 blend within months of their initial switch. With the additional CNG vehicles and the use of biodiesel, this company is now more than halfway to its goal of completely eliminating its diesel use.

2013 Sustainable Commitment Award from Clean Cities

Western-WA-clean-cities-award-Click-DistributingClean Cities role is to partner with local businesses to help educate communities about reducing our dependence on fossil fuels with clean energy. They also work to provide federal grant money to local businesses and city/state agencies that have budgets to add additional funds for the same cause. Click Distributing has been recognized as a leader with our commitment to lower our carbon footprint.

note: Click Distributing has funded its CNG conversion project 100% on our own to this point.


Click Distributing was named – “Fleet of the Year – 2103” by Beverage World Magazine