CNG Powered Fleet

As of early 2015, over 50% of our distribution fleet has been converted to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as its sole fuel source – “because it is the right thing to do!”.

As a  beverage distribution company we are transporting goods over 500k miles each year. We have made the conscious decision to do our part in reducing the environmental impact inherent in our industry and be “green”.


On the cutting edge- our goal at Click Distributing is to have 100% CNG fleet conversion within five years. Currently, over 50% of our delivery fleet uses compressed natural gas as its sole fuel source.

About our commitment to the environment:
Currently we have 21 delivery trucks, 12 of which run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). That is over 50% of our fleet and we started with a single CNG truck in spring 2013. Each truck we convert from using diesel to CNG reduces the chemical exhaust from the vehicle up to 83%. Our goal is to be using 100% CNG in our trucks within 5 years. During the full calendar year 2012 Click consumed 45,000 gallons of diesel fuel.  The dependency on diesel will continue to decrease as we add CNG vehicles to our fleet.

The environmental impact of this decision is huge. It is the goal of Click Distributing to reduce its carbon footprint by reducing carbon emissions. These are the statistics of choosing CNG vs diesl fuel:

  • Reduced nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by 17% – 80%
  • Reduced emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by 60%
  • Reduced emissions of particulate matter (PM) by 85%
  • Reduced emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) by 75%
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) 20% – 30%

Our company belief:

  • We need to address air pollution through clean energy sources
  • Reducing our dependence on foreign oil has a positive effect on our economy and world stability
  • Using CNG in place of diesel reduces our overall operating costs

We are proud to announce that Beverage World magazine recognized the commitment of Click Distributing to convert to CNG from diesel and awarded us “Fleet of the Year – 2013”.


Our drivers report plenty of road power and comfort. “Our drivers are also proud to be part of a solution to drastically reduce vehicle emissions.”