Cider, Sake, Mead

We offer an exciting variety of ciders, sake and mead from producers in the United States as well as around the Globe from countries such as England, Germany, Scotland and South Africa. We focus on producers that are family owned and use 100% estate fruit.

Ciders have experienced a huge surge in popularity over the last few years and especially here in the Northwest. Over the last couple of years, we have doubled our offerings of cider and continue to expand in this category.

We are fortunate to represent Kikusakari Sake from Japan which has an array of offerings in all price ranges. Mikio Kiuchi inherited the brewery legacy in 1950. It was the time when the sake industry flourished due to the rapid growth of Japan’s economy after World War II. Although many sake breweries started mass producing low quality sake due to increased demand, Kiuchi Brewery maintained their policy of pursuing the best quality of sake with the optimum ingredients and craftsmanship.

Mead, also called ‘Honey Wine’, is thought to be the oldest alcoholic beverage known to man. Mead may be carbonated or naturally sparkling. The Mead varieties are dry, semi-sweet or sweet. We currently represent quality producers from Washington State and South Africa. Our offerings range in flavors from raspberry and blackberry to herbal, coffee and white fig.


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